Westwin Elements breaks ground on America’s Only Critical Minerals Pilot Plant

August 25, 2023

Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Westwin Elements (Westwin), a trailblazer in the critical minerals industry, broke ground on a state-of-the-art nickel/cobalt refinery in Lawton, Oklahoma. This landmark facility marks a significant step towards reducing America’s reliance on foreign countries for its raw material supply chain while fostering economic growth and job opportunities in the region. 

“I’m proud of Westwin Elements’ investment in Oklahoma and their commitment to America’s critical mineral independence. With the help of companies like Westwin, Oklahoma is securing the critical mineral supply chain and becoming a national leader in this industry,” said Governor Stitt.

“Oklahoma is proud to lead the effort of reshoring critical minerals to the United States. This venture aligns with our efforts to advance economic development and supply chain recruitment,” said Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Workforce and Economic Development Matt Pinnell. “We look forward to assisting Westwin Elements as they begin this project.”

Dennis Muilenberg, former Boeing CEO and Westwin Elements board member stated, “I am all in for this because it is not only important to business, aerospace, medicine, and more, but it is also a huge advancement for national security.” 

Through a strategic lease agreement and forgivable loan for the Pilot Plant, Lawton will play a crucial role in facilitating Westwin’s specific needs for the refinery. The 480-acre tract in the OK SW Rail Industrial Park will be home to the pilot refinery’s construction, carried out in collaboration with Ambler Architects, based in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. This strategic partnership guarantees an accelerated timeline for completion, estimated to span just 3 to 5 months.

By adhering to the highest ethical and environmental standards, Westwin ensures the responsible sourcing of cobalt and nickel, complying with local, state, and global regulatory authorities. The company’s refining processes, including carbonyl and electrowinning techniques, boast over 200 years of combined expertise, resulting in products of highest quality, environmental neutrality, and unmatched purity, all while maintaining competitive pricing relative to foreign sources.

“Westwin is committed to the responsible sourcing of cobalt and nickel, complying with local, state, and global regulatory authorities,” said KaLeigh Long, the founder and CEO. Long assembled a team of industry engineers with over 200 years of combined expertise, to deliver market products providing assurance that the refinery’s operations will prioritize sustainability and community well-being.