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 The Lawton-Fort Sill Economic Development Corporation has partnered with Site Selection Group, a corporate location advisory firm, to evaluate the regional workforce. The goal of this study is to better attract and retain businesses and to provide more and higher quality job opportunities. We need your help to help uncover key workforce and community needs by participating in this survey. The survey should take about 10 minutes and upon completion you can choose to be entered in a drawing for a $500 Visa gift card. Thank you for your participation!

Advertisement for Proposals

Notice is hereby given that the Lawton-Fort Sill Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), 302 W. Gore Boulevard, Lawton OK 73501, hereinafter called the Owner, is soliciting and will receive individual proposals for a design-build (D/B) service provider through Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to provide D/B services for an approximately $4.0 million project, the Carter Wind Project (“the Project”), including development of a site of up to ten (10) acres with a pre-engineered metal building of approximately thirty-thousand (30,000) square feet with approximately five thousand (5,000) square feet of office space and extensive interior hoisting equipment. The target date for project completion is March 2022 and any D/B service provider submitting a Proposal must demonstrate an ability to meet an aggressive schedule to include fast-tracking. Proposals may be submitted by hand delivery, U.S. Mail, or commercial carrier but must be received (not merely postmarked) by the Submission Deadline of August 9, 2021, at LEDC, 302 W. Gore Boulevard, Lawton OK 73501. Proposals must be in paper form with five (5) identical copies, each appropriately bound on 8.5” x 11” sheets with no bigger than 11” x 17” sheets folded. After Submission Date of August 9, 2021, bids will be evaluated based on multiple criteria to select the most appropriate D/B service provider(s) for the Project. The evaluation process may be based on submitted Proposals alone or the LEDC, in its sole discretion, may decide to conduct interviews of one or more D/B service provider(s) who have submitted a Proposal. A D/B service provider will be selected by August 16, 2021. A full Request for Qualifications can be obtained by emailing Jeannie Bowden at to request one through email or pick up one at 302 W. Gore Blvd., Lawton OK 73501 or download one at the website
The Owner reserves the right to accept or deny any bid that does not meet the process guidelines or requirements.  

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Lawton Fort Sill Tourism

Tourism is a significant component of the economy of Comanche County. As an export-oriented industry, tourism brings dollars to the local area from other regions, resulting in sales, jobs, income, and tax revenue. According to a study prepared for the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department by the U.S. Travel Association, Comanche County enjoyed the fourth largest economic impact of Oklahoma’s 77 counties from tourism and travel in 2010, behind Oklahoma, Tulsa, and Cleveland counties. Travel expenditures in Comanche County in 2010 totaled $172.3 million, generating $31.5 million in income and supporting 1,830 countywide jobs. Travel-related spending also produced $3.6 million in local tax revenue (county and municipal).

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The Lawton Economic Development Corporation supports two major industrial parks in the Lawton area.

The 100 acre Airport Industrial Park is an aerospace/light industrial site that is located at the Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport and features secure access to the airport facilities for aerospace projects. 70 acres remain unoccupied in the Enterprise Zone and are “certified site ready” by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. All utilities and access roads are available on site. The site is located at the intersection of I-44 and Hwy 277 in south Lawton and is within the city limits. Present tenants include CACI Technologies, American Phoenix, Southern Sales and Premium Beers of Oklahoma. A map of this property can be viewed by clicking

The 1,000+ acre Westside Industrial Park is located on Lee Boulevard in west Lawton. More than 570 acres remain unoccupied, to include three small sites of  3, 5 and 10 acres and two large sites to include 320 acres and 235 acres. There is also a large tract of 320 acres available. All utilities, access roads and rail are available at the industrial park. Major tenants of the park include Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Republic Paperboard, Silver-Line Plastics, Bar-S Foods, BMT and Eagle Cartage. The site is within the city limits. A map of this property can be viewed by clicking HERE 

Additionally, the Comanche County Industrial Development Authority owns 480 undeveloped acres south of the Westside Industrial Park. This land can be subdivided to meets the needs of the client. Utilities are available nearby. A map of this property can be viewed by clicking HERE.

The Fort Sill Industrial Park is located in Elgin, Oklahoma, 15 miles north of Lawton on I-44. Sites are available and can be divided to meet the needs of the client. Utilities, access roads and rail service are available within the park. Present tenants include BAE and Elgin Plywood and Door. A map of this property can be viewed by clicking 

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ALTUS is 40 minutes from Lawton and is home to Altus Air Force Base | DUNCAN is located approximately 30 miles east of Lawton and is home to Halliburton | CHICKASHA is 40 minutes from Lawton and is a city on the move that places great emphasis on education, and quality of life | ELGIN is located approximately 15 miles northeast of Lawton. The population of Elgin according to the 2010 census is 2,156 | GERONIMO is located approximately 10 miles south of Lawton. The population according to the 2010 census is 1,268 | WALTERS is 25 miles south of Lawton and approximately 35 minutes north of the Texas state line | CACHE is 7.8 miles west of Lawton and is only minutes from the base of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge.